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Originally posted by djskinn
Originally posted by BktBallRef
Incidental contact.

Pretty sure that A1 didn't use his head to move B1 or to gain a more advantageous position, as would happen with a shoulder or forearm to A1's midsection.

No call from me.
I may have blown this one. I went with a player control. Mainly because the contact was severe. The sound was awful (from the heads hitting) and I did not want a situation where a kid went down hurt and there was no whistle. Needless to say, the coach of A1 did not like the call.
You may or may not have blown it. It's a judgment call. But just because the contact is severe does not mean it wasn't incidental. Check the definition below, as the boldface text covers your concern while the underlined covers Mark's concern.

4-27-2 which may result when opponents are in equally favorable positions to perform normal defensive or offensive movements, should not be considered illegal, even though the contact may be severe.

To me, your play is the classic example of severe contact that is incidental. The fact that B1 had LGP does not mean that any contactg created by A1 is a PC foul, even severe contact.

No call from me.
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