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How do you deal with a situation when two runners are on the same base and one or both of the get tagged? Could you give me the the FED rule for this type of play? I would imagine that the lead runner has the right to the bag but I'm not sure. For example, what happens if R1 finds himself safe at second and R2 gets back to second just a second after R1 arrives there? Assume that B1 is first thrown out at first so there is no force. Who has the right to the bag in this situation since R1 got there first?

Just to throw this in for thought. I remember watching a major league game about a year ago. For some reason r1,r2 and r3 stayed on their base during the infield ground ball hit. I think r2 was out on the force at second but he played it as if he were safe because he remained at first. During the confusion, he decided to get himself in a pickel between first and second. The umpires were confused beyond belief. I don't remember what actually happen but my point is this: When runners stay on their base when they are forced to advace, a lot of confusion can occur, especially when one runner is out on the force and he stays on the base that he occupied at the time of the pitch thinking he is safe. This confusion can also happen when you find two men on a base when there is either a force or no force.

I am just asking for help in my question in the first paragraph. Also, some general comment would be nice.


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