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Originally posted by RecRef
Following the lines of BktBallRef’s post sometimes one is too quick on the draw. Or run, don’t walk away from a situation.

GJV this past Friday night - Game is a wreck from the start. Coaches and players carping the whole night. Partner had given a warning during first half to visiting coach about his comments. I had to warn the home book about his comments. I Td the visitor’s point guard for mouthing off during the resulting free throw after partner call a foul on her near the end of the half.

Thee minutes left in the game and I call an OOB on B1 (visitor) right in front of home bench. She swiped the ball away from A1. Home coach wants a foul and lets me and God know that it was a bad call and that I don’t know what I am doing. Whack a T! I turn to get away and I hear him say, “That is all you are good for is giving technicals." With out thinking, Whack Number 2. Sometimes you have to get away fast...

Bottom line –
The Bad - A three page report on the game Ts and a Sunday call from the assignor.

The Good – I’m doing at least 2 districts and maybe a regional. “Clock” that is, but what the heck the money is good and I’ll not have a thousand or more yelling at me (I hope not anyway)

Besides, I’m not ready to ref them anyway

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RecRef: Where were you? I had a lovely VG game last night at Stuart (vs. Falls Church). Foul fest between 2 mediocre teams -- double bonus for home team 2 minutes into 2nd qtr.
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