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This is my first post but I've really enjoyed and learned from reading now for a few weeks.

Wanted to get some opinions on the following situation I had the other night. Boys frosh, visiting coach riding us a little bit in first half, most noticeable of which was when I called a foul on his player when he wanted a held ball. His player was directly behind his opponent and reached completely around, I called the contact on the reach for the foul. Coach wanted an explanation...."I had the contact first coach"......but next trip down as I pass by I hear "Unbelievable you could miss that call down there"...I let it go.

2nd half I call a foul on visiting team and the offender slams both hands on the floor in disgust at himself or the call, I don't know which. I T'd that action. The personal plus the T gave him 5. As I'm informing the coach he calls me over and asks what he said. "I don't think he said anything,he slammed the floor with both hands in disgust". Coach: "Well, I'm getting disgusted that I can't get a call down there". Me: "About thirty seconds to go on your substitution, coach." (and I start to walk away). Coach: "What? You're not going to talk about it anymore?". Me: Shake head no, I'm now about 15 ft. away and continue to walk. Coach: "Make sure your name is in the book!" (I guess some sort of reference to a complaint to be filed or to have his AD avoid me).

Only other incident was later I granted home team a timeout, he thought they didn't have control. I was headed to explain to him but was reporting the TO to table first, so my partner beat me with the explanation. The coach says with a glance in my direction......"good explanation, that's all I wanted was an explanation." (Note that I gave him his explanation of the T on his player and he was, IMO, just complaining.....see above)

I tend to communicate with coaches as little as possible as it tends to distract me from calling the game. Should I have let him engage me in conversation when I walked away? Should I have T'd him at any point for any of his comments? I don't want to be aloof, but I'm just not real good at having running converasations while the game is on.

It's really been a pretty good year with coaches. One T all year for the bench, one for a player (noted above). But, games like the other night can make me question if my "hands-off" philosophy with coaches is always best.
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