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Originally posted by thumpferee
Originally posted by blindzebra
Originally posted by chayce
"a block is a block and a charge is a charge. Anything else is a charge." We often here that quote from a couple of assignors here in Ky, IN, and OH. I think it works well most of the time and have over the last couple of years started calling something everytime I have bodies on the floor. Even if there is no contact, I will call a block early and it eliminates the flopping the rest of the game. It has worked for me. A couple of years ago, I made it a habit to pass on any non-contact flops and had a game where the "floppee" was laying on the floor and a player other than the one he was guarding tripped over him and they ended up throwing punches before it was all over. If I had called a block or a technical, none of the extracurricular stuff would have happened. Early in the game I prefer to call a block instead of the technical. Even though flopping is a POE this year, I don't see many officials calling the prescriBed">bed technical.
In that situation, remember a player is entitled to their spot on the floor...even literally on the floor...provided that they got there first legally.

Is the "flopper" legally on the floor? If I have ANY opposing player tripping over the flopper, I have a foul on the flopper.
GREAT point BZ! I considered that call tonight. Then thought I may get boooood out of gym, so let them play on, figured incidental contact.

This may be good post, whatdayathink?
I think no call should be made, or NOT made, based on how a coach or the crowd will react to the call.
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