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Originally posted by Daryl H. Long

My suggestion is to ask the school to dub you a tape of the game. I take a tape with me in a self-addressed envelope so they can send it back to me.

When viewing the tape be hard on yourself. Look at things in slow motion...not to be overly critical of the call itself but many times you can see how soon you picked up coverage and where/what you were really looking at at the time of the foul/violation. Then share the tape with others in your association to let them give constructive criticism also.

I've heard from many that say watching a game tape is very much worth the time. I think I could do this. What do I yell at myself when I miss a call?

Oh, yeah. I should have said "I didn't see a charge, coach", rather than "I didn't see it", but the coach had to know I saw the play, based on where the play, the coach, and I were where it occurred. All in one corner basically.

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