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Sounds like you are on your way to being able to withstand the comments from fans, coaches, etc. Still you talk about second guessing.

Second guessing is not altogether bad. If it causes you to do something like study the rule books more or anything else you can think of to improve your officiating then it can be beneficial.

My suggestion is to ask the school to dub you a tape of the game. I take a tape with me in a self-addressed envelope so they can send it back to me. In 23 years of officiating I have yet to have a school not send me a tape. In fact, with the tapes I often receive letters from the coaches or AD commending me on my efforts to evaluate my performance and wishing more officials would do so. It raises your credibility level to some extent.

When viewing the tape be hard on yourself. Look at things in slow motion...not to be overly critical of the call itself but many times you can see how soon you picked up coverage and where/what you were really looking at at the time of the foul/violation. Then share the tape with others in your association to let them give constructive criticism also.

Sharing is important because if you cannot take the constructive criticism from "friends in the know" then you will always be second guessing in the way it becomes detrimental to your officiating abilities.
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