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Originally posted by PA Official
A comment about the foul count is not stepping over the line. Its a comment we've all heard before, almost come to expect, and as previously stated in this thread, have a rational explanation for. To come back at a coach who is obviously disgusted and/or frustrated with his team and/or the game with a comment that could and probably will lead to a statement more slanderous is not what we should be doing. The situation should first try to be difused, not escalated, which is what you are doing.
I have to disagree. When a coach or player is making a comment about the foul count, then they are questioning your integrity or ability. Usually officials either do not address it or they can T them up. It is not our job to explain why the foul count is the way it is. Coaches never seem ask you about when the foul count is in their favor. This should not be tolerated or accepted. I have no problem with officials challenging a coach for their comments. If a coach said anything that was questioning their integrity, I would not have a problem with an official making a comment. We have to stop feeling like we cannot talk to coaches when they step out of line.

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