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Re: foul count

Originally posted by bellyache
im sorry but if i were coaching and you responded to me that way i would have taken it to be very unproffessional of you. you may go home and talk to your kids that way and glare at them that way but it certainly would not have intimidated me as it may your kids. you had better stay at 3rd and 4th levels because a good varsity coach will have you for lunch
I seem to be doing just fine in all my varsity games this season, including a rivalry game featuring the #1 boys team in the state, the night before this 3rd/4th grade youth game.

Telling a coach to sit down and stut up is unprofessional, letting them know you are not going to allow them to question you and your partner's integrity WITHOUT having to T either coach, and without further problems in the game, is called GAME MANAGMENT.
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