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Re: And one more thing

Originally posted by David B
Originally posted by MPLAHE
This situation seems to happen a fair amount at the 4th and 5th grade levels. A1 is dribbling in the front court and A2 trys to set a pick on B1, but does not remain stationary (i.e. moving screen) Coach goes ballistic, calling for a moving screen violation. If B1 does not make contact with A2, even though his path is impeded, my interpretation is there is nothing (no violation and W/O any contact, no foul). Am I correct??
The screener can move also, just not in the same path of the opponent. Like the pick and roll. Many times people want a moving screen called when the screener was just doing his job of picking and rolling to the hoop or another position on the floor.

I think you mean move into the path, and not same path.

The screener may move if they are moving in the same path, 3-39-6.
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