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Originally posted by BktBallRef

I didn't say that tossing the ball at the official is a violation. I'm saying if the ball hits the official, who's OOB, it's a violation. I'm also not necessarily advocating calling it. I would probably step out of the way and call the ball OOB when it hit the bleachers, a fan or something else that was OOB. But I would love to see the rule that states that it isn't a violation. Can you supply it?
Yes. Rule 4-4-2. "A ball which official is the same as the ball touching the floor at that individual's location"


Throwing the ball off an official isn't any different than passing it off the wall behind the player.
As above, it is specficially defined as being equal to touching the floor.


Can the thrower pass the ball to himself by throwing it off the back of the backboard, then passing it inbounds?
You are right. It is specficially declared that a ball contacting the back of the backboard is a violation in all cases.

If he can't, how is that any different than passing it off an official?
Because the floor is not the same as the back of the backboard.

So, if it a spot throwin and the ball is thrown off an OOB official it is essentially a dribble. If the play can reach the ball without leaving the spot, it is all legal.

If it is a throwin after a basket, the player may run to get it or a teammate may step OOB to get it. It is essentially dribble or a bounce pass, both of which are allowed on such a throw-in.
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