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Old Wed May 16, 2001, 06:55pm
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As long as 7-5-7 allows for a bounce pass, then I agree with Hawks Coach - the ball is still live. However, I try to always anticipate enough to dodge the ball. (I played that a lot, er, quite a few years ago and got reasonably good.)

I'd call the 5-second violation, even late. Had a similar sitch where I tossed for the start of game. The ball was recovered by a player in her front court, who immediately passed it to their guard standing in the back court. I think I yelled "stop, wait" while trying to get my whistle in my mouth as the guard drove into the front court. Turns out my partner saw me and hit his whistle even though he had no idea why I wanted the game stopped. I made the call and we went on....
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