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Originally posted by golfdesigner
Originally posted by JRutledge
In our state the home team is the only ones that can take the center circle. So the visiting team would have to vacate this area or face penalty. Not sure I would use a T for this situation, but I would tell the visiting team they needed to leave the area.

JRut, rule or POE reference, please.
I'll do it for him. Rut's sleeping in.

From the POE in the 2003-04 rule book:
Suggestions for improved behaviour: The state or local athletic conference should establish appropriate pre-game procedures and protocols. A policy could be established confining teams to their own free-throw semi-circle for pre-game huddles or rituals or that only the home team utilizes the center circle".

Iow, each state can set out their own procedure, and Illinois did so, as per JRut.
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