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Originally posted by Hawks Coach

I inferred when suppref said he was OOB and that ball always stayed OOB, suppref was on the baseline. Therefore, there is no violation for throwing the ball along the baseline and having it bounce off the ref back to you. Suppose the same thing occurred, only the ref was positioned between B1 and B2 on baseline and B1 was attempting to pass along baseline to B2. Lack of a B2 on the baseline as a target doesn't change the ruling.
Sorry coach but I'm afraid that it does. If the official was OOB when the ball hit him, you have an immediate violation. A thrower is not allowed to throw the ball off anything that's OOB, when making a throw-in. He can only pass it to a teammate who is OOB. Since their is no teammate OOB, the ball must be passed directly inbounds.

The throw-in starts when the ball is at the disposal of a player of the team entitled to the throw-in. The thrower shall release the ball on a pass directly into the court, except as in 7-5-7, within five seconds after the throw-in starts.

After a goal or awarded goal as in 7-4-3, the team not credited with the score shall make the throw-in from the end of the court where the goal was made and from any point outside the end line. Any player of the team may make a direct throw-in or he/she may pass the ball along the end line to a teammate(s). outside the boundary line.

Fail to pass the ball directly into the court so it touches or is touched by another player (inbounds or out of bounds) on the court before going out of bounds untouched.
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