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Originally posted by 112448
wow. interesting situation. with the ability to think on his/her feet like that, the kid is going places.

to answer your question, how about looking at NFHS 9-2-10:

No player shall: Be out of bounds when he/she touches or is touched by the ball after it has been released on a throw-in pass.

arguably, the thrower had "released the ball," and he/she was clearly "out of bounds when he/she touch(ed) the ball." so you could have a violation independent of the potential 5 second count.

any other thoughts out there? what a weird play.

I inferred when suppref said he was OOB and that ball always stayed OOB, suppref was on the baseline. Therefore, there is no violation for throwing the ball along the baseline and having it bounce off the ref back to you. Suppose the same thing occurred, only the ref was positioned between B1 and B2 on baseline and B1 was attempting to pass along baseline to B2. Lack of a B2 on the baseline as a target doesn't change the ruling.

If it was clearly a 5 count before ball got inbounded, that was a violation and should have been blown. Kids can't bail themselves out on a five count by tossing to ref to get a do-over, especially 8th grade. Your call to make or not, but I think summer league is a good place for players to make those mistakes and learn that they are wrong, so these same players don't do it next year in a high school game that counts.

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