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Originally posted by Suppref
After team A's made basket, everyone with the exception of B1 heads down court. B1 picks up the loose ball out of bounds on the endline and is facing the court, I'm standing OOB about 10 feet from him. I start my 5 second count. At 2 -onethousand B1 realizes there is noone to inbound to, B1 tosses the ball to me, which hits me in the chin (of course) and dislodges the whistle from my mouth. The ball caroms of me, back to B1 all the while still OOB. I'm still counting and am at 5 seconds. By the time I get the whistle back to my mouth the ball is inbounded and is 2 or 3 dribble down court. This is an 8th grdae summer league game so I bite the whistle. My question is, if this is a Varsity HS game do I blow the late whistle for the violation, or laugh it off like everyone else in the gym? (most embarassing)
First thing is you need to practice ducking those funny
passes! BTW, in a game last season a *HARD* no look pass
from the free throw line was deflected at the last second,
just missing my head. I didn't see it until it went
whizzing by me, I was told later by my partner he was
certain my nose was about to be broken until the ball was tipped. Anyway, I think I would have called the violation in
your case, even if it was just an 8th grade summer game.
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