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Re: I disagree Nevada

Originally posted by cmathews
I disagree, this is not a record keeping error. A record keeping error would be the scorer writing down the wrong number or not recording a three or something of that nature. With that said I still say this is one of the things that you should try to correct, just cause it is the right thing. However if much more time elapses than the original post indicates, it is too late in my mind to do much about it... I am surprised however that the coach didn't mention this situation on the original foul....
Nevada was completely correct. Rule 2-11-11 is explicit in backing him up. Note:
(1) "Compare records with the visiting scorer after each goal, each foul, .....notifying the referee at once of any discrepancy".
(2) "A bookkeeping mistake may be corrected at any time until the referee approves the final score".

It is not a correctible error under R2-10. It is an error that may be corrected at any time until the game ends. Rule book sez so.

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