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A lot of good points in previous posts...these are what I try for:

1. Be yourself - don't try to emulate a behavior that's unnatural for you.

2. Be approchable, not aloof or arrogant. Greet them pregame in a friendly manner, let them know you'll respond to legitimate questions as game situations allow.

3. Be fair but firm during the game - let them know you're listening to their concerns. Often a simple "coach, we'll watch for it" will work wonders. At the same time, let them know when their attitude or actions start to cross the line - try to prevent situations from escalating to the point you have to penalize, but don't hesitate to penalize when it's justified.

4. Keep your cool - no matter what. Remember that you are the voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic world. If penalizing their conduct becomes necessary, do so in a calm, cool, unemotional manner as possible (no Jake O'Donnell histrionics).
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