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Originally posted by Camron Rust
Originally posted by joseph2493
Originally posted by Dudly

I've got to ask because I have never seen this, how do the players know a whistle has blown? Do the lights flash?, are there spotters placed along the court to signal a whistle?

The have more of a tendancy to watch your arm movements.

The coaches told me they can tell when the players stop running and lookup for the referee or the clock.

The particular gym had no lights, but I imagine some do.

It was very interesting to officiate, I've called when one side of the ball was deaf, but this was a first to have both.

The coaches are pretty good about waiving their arms trying to get their attention when you tweet.

And the obvious is when everyone else stops so do they.
Not all deaf are completely deaf. Some can detect extremely loud sounds but not moderate or soft sounds. I worked a game where one of the players was considered deaf but was told he could hear the whistle sometimes...but not to expect him to hear our voices.

I just made extra sure that my signals were even more clear...held them a little longer than make sure he had a chance to see them if he desired.
There is no doubt that some of them could hear. But, 9 out of 10 players could not. You hold the signal until they see you and with the help of the other players they stop fairly rapidly (normally)
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