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Originally posted by rfp
3rd quarter of a close, well contested boys game. Player A1 has ball in the corner. B1 comes out to guard him and bumps A1 causing him to be knocked backwards. I blow whistle and call personal foul on B1. A1 overreacts to the foul and retaliates by shoving B1. I call A1 with a flagrant technical and eject him. False double foul, A1's substitute shoots a 1-1, followed by team B shooting 2 for the "T" plus the ball.

"A" coach agrees with the call, but it got me thinking. Would you have called this shove a flagrant "T" or should I have possibly considered it a non-flagrant "T"? A thrown punch is a definite flagrant, but what about a shove? What guidelines do you use?
I'm not sure how to answer:

Saturday morning I had a game between two teams from schools' for the deaf. In the last minutes of the game I had a held ball situation, where obviously they could not hear the whistle. One of the players saw me and let go, the other took the oppurtunity to swing at the first (there was no contact made). I blew the T with full intent of ejecting the player as I approached the table. When I got to the table to report the T, the coach asked what his player had done. As I told him he turned to his assistant and said to get him out of there "he just finished his career on this team." I decided not to give the flagrant and just issued an unsportsmanlike, considering the coach seemed to actually take appropriate action. The boy left the court not to be seen again. After the game the AD came to me to apologize, and with the help of an interpreter, informed me the boy had just came off a three game suspension, and she believed he would not play again.

I think with your shove a fight could have broken out which I would said constitutes a flagrant. A shove is a little more than taunting.
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