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Originally posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.
Originally posted by JugglingReferee
Originally posted by zebraman
A1 has a spot throw-in at the division line. The throw-in goes through A1's hoop before being touched so we have a violation. Is B1's ensuing throw-in at the spot of the violation (spot throw-in the endline under Team A's hoop) or is it back at the original spot, similar to a throw-in that goes out of bounds without touching a player and also a throw-in that is touched by the thrower inbounds before any other player touches it?

Rule reference and/or case book reference please.


Original throw-in spot. Fed 9-2-7 Penalty.

I agree with you that Team B's throw-in is at the spot of Team A's throw-in, but the 2004-05 NFHS Casebook does not have a Play 9.2.7. Could you have been looking and the 2003-04 NFHS Casebook?

MTD, Sr.
You're losing it, ol' feller!

Mikey said the RULES reference was 9-2-7PENALTY. Mikey was 117% right. Note that Mikey put l'il dashes between his numbers. Note that Mikey didn't put l'il dots between his numbers.

Now say "I'm sorry, Mikey".
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