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Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by Nu1
What's the procedure for "calling" this technical? After you see the first dunk, do you walk to the table and inform the official scorer and the coach of the technical? Do you wait until the game is about to start before you tell the table and coach? Do you actually use any signals and blow the whistle????
No signals, no whistle.

Tell your partner, then tell the coach as soon as you can ("Hello coach. Bob Jenkins. NIce to meet you / see you again, and I wish I had better news. Number xx dunked during the warmups, so we'll ahve to start the game with a technical."), then the other coach and the table.

If there's an announcer tell him / her, too.

The ballplayer that dunked should be notified too, by rule, immediately when the dunk occurs. If I remember right, the FED recommended telling the ballpayer before the coach. The idea was to get to the player before he dunked again and earned another T.

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