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Originally posted by SMEngmann
Originally posted by RookieDude
Originally posted by SMEngmann
I get upset if I get "overruled" on an OOB call
How do you get "overruled" on an OOB call?'s either your line or it isn't.

You might get some help...but, if it is your line it is ultimately your call.
Exactly what I mean. When my partner starts blowing his whistle and pointing in the different direction after I've made a call. Rarely ever happens, but if it does I make sure to bring it up next chance. Overruled is in quotes because technically it can't happen, but say I see something and my partner starts blowing his whistle and pointing the other way rather than simply offering help and I choose to let my call stand, it gives a really bad impression to everyone in the gym and is fodder for a coach to use in an argument.
Around these parts...
we pre-game that if you happen to see an OOB call differently than your partner, and it was his/her line, do not go blowing your whistle and changing the call. Go to your partner and give your information. If the call is going to be reversed...let the calling official reverse it.

If your partner is ignoring that simple mick says:
get in
get done
get out

But, I gotta tell ya...I would have to remind my partner about the way it should be done.
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