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Originally posted by BBall_Junkie
I ...what the rationale was for passing on what I perceived to be obvious charge calls. Also the inconsistancy that I saw between those passes and the PC foul called shortly thereafter at the other end (again, I think it was the right call if taken alone, however in the context of the "passes" I find myself scratching my head)...

I had the game on but was not watching closely, I had other stuff I needed to do. So I can't speak directly to the sequence. And of course these guys don't need me to defend them. Having said that there are times when for whatever reason you pass on something, and for consistency you'll pass on it the other way, then you reset and get back into calling the game as might be expected.

BTW... The crew (specifically D. Gray) did an excellent job of preventive officiating when McCants of NC thought about going postal after the foul on his dunk attempt. That was a foul and a good basketball play by the IU defender. It was a hard foul not because of maliciousness (sp?) but because of the speed and momentum involved in the play. The officials stayed right with them and very quickly steered McCants away before he decided to blow up.
Yep, we can all learn from watching these guys.
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