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I am sure that some of you assign games and I wanted feed back about how it is done in other areas. I just left an area where they have one assigner who assigns games and he does the assigning a month or two before the season starts. I was going to start varsity basketball this year. Instead, I get to my new area and discover that the assigners, there are many, do their assigning two years in advance. I have been seen by a couple of the assigners and they all say they would give me varsity games right now except all of them are filled. Not only are they filled this year but they are filled for next year as well. So I can only get varsity games starting in 2006-7. Are you kidding me?

Why in the world would you assign games years in advance. How tough is it just to assign a couple months before the games start. It was never a problem in my last area and I cannot see why it would ever be a problem unless you are so lazy that you cannot get it done in a month.

How can I agree to a contract for next year, I have no idea what my life will be like next year. I am an official who moved up quickly through the ranks, 2 years in JV and now starting varsity, but now I have to waste two more years of JV ball because the assigners have this system of working years in advance. I think it is completely lame and it really hurts the "new" guys in the area: guys getting back into the game after taking some time off, guys that move, and guys that are ready to move up a level.

Do other areas assign like this or did I just get lucky?
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