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Originally posted by altus
I reported that 35 black had fouled 25 white on the floor, white ball out of bounce. As the ball was thrown in, 35 black was called for another foul. That made it his 5th, the coach from the black team said we had made a mistake on the previous call, it was 15 black not 35. So, I went to 25 white and asked him who had fouled him, his reply was 15. I then went back to the table and corrected my mistake. Is this the correct thing to do, since it was my mistake? Help, looking for answers.
You already reported #35 commited the foul. End of story. You then asked an opposing team member who was it that fouled you. If I was playing, I would tell you the number of the player who was the most dominant player. What is next, asking every player who is fouled, or not, "did he foul you?"

In your stitch it is not a correctable error. The game is over for #35! Sh!t happens, learn from it, move on!
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