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DIII women's game on Sunday. I am trail and this play occurs in front of me...

B1 is guarding A1 as they are moving towards the sideline. B1 taps the ball away from A1 but their movement causes both of them to continue oob. B1 is quicker and gets back onto the playing court and is now the first to touch the ball and starts heading up the court towards her basket. There was a foul against A1. As I go over to table side, A's coach questions why this was not a violation seeing that B1 was out of bounce and was the first to touch. Told him that she did not go oob due to her own volition. He was not happy.

Rule 9.4.1 states...

1. A player who steps out of bounds under his/her own volition and then becomes the first player to touch the ball after returning to the playing court has committed a violation.
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