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I had the 2nd and 3rd games of my officiating career last night. It was bad. First up were the 8th grade s. It was the slowest basketball game I have ever seen. I have seen 5-6th grade gils church league with more talent. Then it got crazy. I was administering the throw in to start the second quarter. One of the girs reached over the line and slapped the ball of the other players hand. I gave her T. My first.

In the 2nd quarter during a ball two of the s were separated by the captains. No contact or anything, they were just mad at each other. A few minutes later during another ball one of the s pushed the other player who pushed back. My partner and I got between them and I ejected both of them. We did not have another problem with players going after each other the rest of the game.

At halftime the home coach came up and told us that several of his players saw one of the s with a knife blade. We talked to the other coach and he said he would take care of it. This made the home coach upset. He said that it was like a criminal checking a criminal. My partner said we could not be patting every one down and since there was no security we would just have to have the coach take care of it.

The boy’s game was like a piece of cake after the s game.

Although I don't think I missed much in the s game, I didn't feel very good about it. I think the level of play really affected the way I feel about my performance. I did not feel as focused as I have for my other games.

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