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All this youth league and flag bashing has got me in tears. You poor guys LOL No really; it is too bad it’s so bad in some places. Maybe I can lighten up this thread a little. Where I live there’s a very disciplined Pop Warner youth league. They have a zero-tolerance for bad behavior and it’s actually a pleasure to work games for them. Last week I worked a play-off game with a crew of two 4-year guys, a 2-year guy, and a rookie. We did an extensive pre-game with “keep the whistle out of your mouth and flag in your pants” as the main points of emphasis. We reminded both coaches before the game that they were responsible for maintaining proper decorum on their respective sidelines, including keeping unruly fans in line. The game went well and we all had a pretty good time. Most plays ended with a single whistle, very few flags and not an IW among us, . After the game, which turned into a 28-0 romp, the losing Coach came up to thank us, saying he thought we did an excellent job. I know it doesn’t sound right does it? LOL .
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