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re: coaches


I know it's hard once you loose control of a game to get it back.

But I work with a lot of first year officials and some are good and some are bad. Before I start a game and I know I have one or two new officials I talk to both head coaches before the game. I remind them we were all new at one point and we all make mistales and that I'll do my best to get everthing done properly. For the most part this gets the coach ready for a nightmare.

Then once the game is going if a coach has a problem with that official I remind him that the official is inexperienced and is tryingt to do his job. I remind the coach "what is important here is sportsmanship and not the winning or losing of this game."

I know this is a little late but like always learn from your mistakes (I'm good at it- LOL).

Also, Once you end a game get out of dodge a fast as possible! Report every thing to the league or assignor.

But most important the officials are the third team and you need to help each other. After the game tell the assignor that this one official needs help.
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