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Seems to me you had a chance to fix it before it got outta hand. Simply talking to the new official, telling him what he needs to do, even telling him to put away his whistle and having your other wing handle the whole line if he still could not handle things corrctly. Maybe you get thru the game before coaches realize he is not officiating anymore, even if you have to put him into the U hole to do it. I would definetly tell your assignors that the kid needs a lot more training before he steps foot onto a field again to call any type of live game. He does not have the slightest grasp of simple and basic rules.

Putting a "foot" into the coaches earlier than what was done was probably needed as I am sure they did not go from dead quite angels to out of control maniacs in the matter of a couple minutes.

Sounds to me the first flag for the warning by the rookie was appropriate, albeit late. The Umpire made it worst by throwing his before you had a chance to get them back in control (unless the coach started cussing after the first flag).
If you touched the coach you were dead wrong as well. Get between him and the "area of contention" and direct him to where you want him to go, but do not put a hand on him. If he chooses to do something else, end the discussion and the game.

Calling the game was defintely the right thing to do and I would submit a report requesting that coach(s) get banned from the league as well. Maybe even the team banned is needed since most of the parents could not control themselves.

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