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Originally posted by Andy
....the catcher doesn't catch it, Blue!!

This utterance came from a coach in a Jr College fall ball game this weekend. 1-1 count, beautiful pitch that catches the outside corner about thigh-high. For some reason, the catcher doesn't hold the ball in her glove. The catcher was set up for the outside pitch and did not have to noticeably move her glove to the pitch.

Is this the "expected" call at the college level? I welcome all opinions, but I am especially intersted in hearing from those of you that do college ball.

Not what you would call a real college umpire. (I only do 5-7 games a year).

However, I always hate it, at no matter what level, when you as blue call a
strike and the catcher misses it. If by "is this the "expected" call, you
mean call it a ball because F2 missed it? No. I would not think so.
Not if ball in your opinion was clearly a strike, it should be called
a strike. You are not responsible for the catcher's abilities.
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