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Did anyone catch the Fox Sports list show on the this topic. Top five were:

1. Don Denkinger in 1985 World Series
2. The Tuck call - Raiders/Pats
3. 1972 Olympic basketball (USA loses to Soviets)
4. Phil Luckett's errors (Testaverde TD / Thanksgiving coin toss)
5. Jeffrey Maier's fan interference (Yankees vs. Orioles)

Some other that were mentioned, but I can't remember the ranks: Brett Hull in the crease, Roy Jones Jr. at the Seol Olympics, Sele and Peltier in Figure Skating at the Olympics, Miami-Ohio state pass interference, and the Giants-49ers game with the field goal snafu.

First off, I think calling it disgraces is a little harsh, second, I don't think the tuck belongs because it was, by rule, the correct call. Personally I think the three Olympic events should top the list because they were totally blatent attmepts to sway the outcome of the event. Luckett I think belongs also for screwing up the coin toss, really no excuse for that. The rest were basically judegement calls that weren't really that 'disgraceful'.

Are there any other that you think should be on the list? I think the Five downs from Colorado was it? should be on.

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