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Originally posted by MLE
HS football

Muffed snap on punt...punter retreats and picks up ball - turns and punts for a plus 10 kick. After the punt, the kicker is tackled by there still a roughing call?????
Not necessarily. If there was a question that the punter was actually going to punt the ball, then he does not get the same protection. If the punter was running and then decided to punt the ball at the last second before contact, then I would say no way is that roughing.

Originally posted by MLE
If not, how is this different from a QB muffing a shotgun snap....throwing a ball, getting hit and getting a roughing call?
That is not a real good comparison. Roughing the passer is different than roughing the punter. You can hit a passer after they have passed the ball under many circumstances. You cannot hit a punter that has established themselves as a punter unless you touch the ball (the person making the contact). These are really apples and oranges in the rules.

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