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Originally posted by Smitty
Originally posted by Jimgolf
IMO, call everything in any game as if it were the state championship. This is an easy way for the players to learn the game. Imagine if you didn't call it and the player did the same thing in a more important game in HS.

And if you treat every game as if it were the state championship, you might actually get to ref one someday.
It's all relative. If you call an 8th grade girl's game like the state championship, you are in for a very long night and whistles on nearly every trip up the court. I would argue that neither the players nor the fans would consider that appropriate officiating. You have to adjust your game to the level, keeping in mind advantage/disadvantage.
Smitty, I'm with you. Treat every game with the concentration and energy that you would give at the state championship. But you can't call the game the same way. If these 8th graders are on a travelling team playing in the final rounds of a regional tournament, call it! But if they're the rec girls that just decided in November that basketball might be kinda fun, because they'll get to flirt with that cute Trevor Jackson who runs the clock, and they don't even know the difference between an over-and-back and an over-the-back(board), don't call it. That being said, I wouldn't just let it go. I'd choose a strategic moment to quietly let the player and/or coach know that this sort of inattention shouldn't happen again.
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