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Never had one in tackle football [my day will come indeed], but have had 3 in flag football (I think it's easier to have one in flag but I digress).

I use the two whistle approach. Lanyard whistle until snap, spit out... play digresses, finger whistle after the play. My crew gives me a hard time because I often either a) don't blow a whistle or b) have a late whistle. This includes plays to my side (I don't blow it if it's on the other side).

One of my mentors in officiating taught me this statement "See the man down with possession of the football". So on dive plays, even though I KNOW, that I KNOW, that I KNOW that the FB has the football, I'm not going to blow my whistle until I see the football as well. It saved me last week on the goal line when they did a dive play into the endzone. Thank goodness I wasn't on my whistle, because out came the ball (before crossing the plane).
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