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Originally posted by waltjp
Working as an umpire on my varsity crew, I usually wear only a wrist lanyard and whistle. When I was working the wing posisitons I'd use a lanyard around my neck and put the whistle in my mouth when the teams came to the line. At the snap I'd spit it out and revert to my wrist whistle.

Having the whistle around your neck is nice for TD signals though. Following a long run or pass that I was covering I would put the whistle back in my mouth and give a complete signal while blowing instead of a one-armed TD signal.
In my second year and had my first IW a few games back. Talk about embarrassing. It was my first game as LJ and as some has said elsewhere " I went fishing in someone else's pond". Learned a valuable lesson though, to wait and verify that I have leather.

As an aside, I have been using a lanyard whistle, but as Ump I think a finger whistle would be better suited. I never have my whistle in my mouth, and then when there is a Time out requested, I always seem to be struggling to find the whistle, especially when placing the ball, etc.
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