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Had to happen eventually, right?

First play of the fourth quarter in a freshman game today. Team A runs for a touchdown. They kick off.

Runner is coming up with the return, and R2 blocks K2 in the back, absolutely no question about it. Right in the rear number.

I throw the flag. Then my brain says, "Would you like a whistle with that?" And for some reason, I say, "Why yes, I would, thank you."

Just as I throw the flag, I hear K2's coach behind me (I'm on the wing) say "Great call!" and the play continued because I didn't blow the whistle strong and only blew it once. I was hoping no one noticed. But they did. So they stopped eventually.

I learned a valuable lesson: Keep your whistle out of your mouth. Our referee said "If you're going to blow it, really blow it." He was cool about it, we went on. I felt bad, but I know that it's happened to almost everybody, and that I'm glad it happened in my 10th game and not my 1,100th, and that it didn't cost anybody bigtime or get anybody hurt.

I know better. I knew better then. I have no idea why it happened except that it was a rookie mistake. But it was a good learning experience.
"And I'm not just some fan, I've refereed football and basketball in addition to all the baseball I've umpired. I've never made a call that horrible in my life in any sport."---Greatest. Official. Ever.
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