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"Ummm....WMB, that is what I said in my post above, and I believe that I qualify as an "other.""

Ahh, yeah Scott; you are definately qualified to be an "other."

I thought your emphasis was on the F-bomb and the threat, and my point was that the player was already gone before it even reached that point. Your comment about the player calling you names was almost an afterthought.

Whatever, we all (all the "others") agree that buddha waited too long. With adult men I would rather get a reputation as being "trigger happy" than being tolerant.

I am extremely tolerent in high school games; it would take an act of war for me to eject a HS coach or player. Travel ball and rec league is nearly the same, but I don't put up with too much from those coaches. Adult leagues - BANG you're gone! If you are going to see those same players week after week you better get control early, or it is going to be a long season.

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