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We started doing One pitch tournaments on friday nights, down here. This is the 3rd week we did it and more teams are coming out. 1st we only had 4 teams, 2nd week had 6 teams, then last week we had 9 teams. While anyways here it goes.

R1 on first. BR hits the ball to F6, F6 gets the shot from the ball, can't get it, ball hits his glove falls to the ground, rolls away from him. R1 goes to second F4 goes to 2nd base, F6 final gets the ball throws to F4 on the low side F4 gets ball, but does not have possession of the ball cause it is on the ground, trying to get it in his hands. R1 gets to 2nd base, I called "SAFE". F4 starts to bellyache calling that it was a bad call, that I don't know what I'm doing. That I am the worst Umpire that he seen. The boy does not know me from jack and calling me a worst umpire so I started to laugh it off. He then starts to throw F Bombs in this little outing. The next batter his the ball in the out field, runner that was on 2nd scores, the ball comes in to F4, I button hook in, as I look to 1st to see BR touch 1st. I turn towards 2nd, he gets the ball and starts to Say "owe just turn your back I will hit you with the ball, get in my way I'm going to hit you. I brush it off, as I start to get ready for the next play, he start with the F bombs, That is it. I called time, walk to home plate and as my partner who is the coach for the team. the replies with F9 right center, so I called him in I walk up to him and told him that F4 is out of the ball game. He ask why. I told him for cursing and threating an umpire. He does not get a warning. So Coach tell him to go, you are on the clock, the more he is on the field the more time you are wasting to get back up to bat.

Man that was pretty to see him leave, then the rest of the monkeys gallery calling from the dugout. I told the coach anymore remarks from the dugout that he was next to go and so on.

I was going to give him a warning for the F bombs, but when you threaten my life for a call. You got to go!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day!!!! Dumbass!!!!!
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