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Originally posted by rainmaker
Originally posted by Camron Rust
I disagree with the conclusion of ignoring the foul.

For many situations in the game, we could certainly have a discussion and find an uncalled violation that preceeded a foul. If no one blows the ball dead, you can't make it dead retroactively...even if it should have been.
It's not ignoring the foul. It's not making the ball dead retroactively. It's a late whistle.
Late whistle? The official NEVER blew the whistle at all.

The issue was only raised after the foul was called (by the other official) when the coach asked why they didn't call the ball hitting the support.

If he doesn't call it, you can't call a foul the review with him any possible violations that should have been called but weren't. He missed it. It's too late. If the official doesn't call a violation, it didn't happen.
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