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Originally posted by jritchie
have alumni games this weekend and was wondering, i have been calling boys college and highschool, for a few years now and have been asked to do the girls game before the boys this weekend. What are the major differences between girls and boys college, besides the no 10 second count in the back court?? Is everything else pretty much the same? Can't believe the season is already here...gotta love it..
One important difference between high school and college is that the hs players are boys and girls, and the college players are men and women. Am I knocking you? Well, maybe a little. I AM pleased that you called the older players girls and boys, rather than girls and men, as I've heard others do. In fact, there's a school here in the Portland area where the bathrooms are marked "Men" and "Girls". I went and told the AD I couldn't find the women's bathroom. He said, "It's right there." I said, "Oh, that's for women as well as girls? Thanks for your help." I'm really not sure he got it. I'll get off my soapbox now.
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