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Originally posted by WindyCityBlue
Mr. Lyle,
Take your poll. How many people feel that you have justified ANY of your positions here during the last year? How much advice have you given? How about a rule interpretation? How many feel that I have articulated mine better? At least I can play the contrarian successfully. How many times have you drifted out on the branch? It's easier and safer to sit back and let other people form opinions and then harangue them later. How about something original, once in a while? Members may not agree with all of my thoughts, but they have become better by trying or avoiding them. Just like the Davis stance, the way I work isn't for all. Just those who want to get better and respect the game.

Uh, WindBag, you changed the subject and confused the issue. That's a habit of yours when you're losing a debate. I wrote about a poll as to who came out on the losing end of verbal sparring. I was referring to several posters who were in an argument with you:

"Speaking of those who can't verbally spar, I'll bet if we took a poll of who was coming out on the losing end of the sparring, it would be WindBag. You are the only one who thinks that he's winning the debate, kind of like George Bush. In all the polls, he lost the debate. In his mind, he won."

You subtly changed the subject to Bob Lyle vs. WindBag instead of the multiple forum participants vs. WindBag. You're getting your butt kicked by any number of posters. The other official from Chicago is a master of changing the subject when he is losing the argument. You need to take instructions from him on that topic.

I do primarily football and it was on the football forum that I first ran into your moronic arguments. I mostly read the other forums so I rarely contribute except on football.

Unlike some posters who trumpet their resume on a daily basis, I've made no claims as to what kind of officiating I do outside of football. The issues that you're polling for have no relevance to me. Unlike some posters, I don't claim expertise that I don't have.

You should have been here over the weekend for a great thread that we had about officials who don't pay taxes and child support on their income. It was deleted by the starter of the thread for unknown reasons. As a private investigator, I had expertise to contribute to that thread. My day job gives me expertise on blowhards and liars which is why I regularly cross swords with two posters from Chicago.

To Mick - WindBag made one point in his post which you didn't answer. You said you didn't delete the truce thread, neither did Bob nor did WindBag. I was under the assumption that no one else could delete the threads. Rather than allude to someone else deleting the threads, could you name all the people who can delete threads. BTW, thanks for your tutorial on how to use the system features that you gave me over the weekend.
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