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Bob and Mick,
That's my are the two people listed as moderators here. yet, both of you claim that you did not delete the "Truce" thread. If someone else made it disappear, what reference is taboo? Also, Bob, who is this Gary you referred to in the "he said/she said" post?
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I decided to edit this in order to address all comments, instead of adding additional posts:

Mr. Elias,

Was the concept that difficult to comprehend? If you agree with moderators allowing some people to vent, but delete others who respond, you are probably the official that penalizes the retaliator rather than the instigator. I hate working with those guys. They miss some good games.

Mr. Lyle,
Take your poll. How many people feel that you have justified ANY of your positions here during the last year? How much advice have you given? How about a rule interpretation? How many feel that I have articulated mine better? At least I can play the contrarian successfully. How many times have you drifted out on the branch? It's easier and safer to sit back and let other people form opinions and then harangue them later. How about something original, once in a while? Members may not agree with all of my thoughts, but they have become better by trying or avoiding them. Just like the Davis stance, the way I work isn't for all. Just those who want to get better and respect the game.

My schedule prevents me from adopting your demeanor on the field. You wouldn't last at this level with your imaginative (read: bogus) reasoning. Continue your puffery, it's funny and gives me ammo for future discussion.

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