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Kind of like Mt Liar, uh, Lyle's poor execution of an accusation.

My reading skills must be finer than his writing ones. Mick, you were accused of deleting a thread. You defended yourself against those who claimed that you were at it again. Bob Jenkins has been accused of the same thing. My thought is that if you allow the mudslinging to begin, how do you justify stepping in and locking it down? I purposely posted this on the General Discussion Board, because of the antics of those that can't verbally spar. (sounds familiar, liar, oops, I did it again, Lyle.)

I posted a thread the other day that extended an olive branch - as long as other involved acted accordingly. It was at Brad's behest, but it too, was deleted. What's up?

We have plenty of discussions that get heated and veer from the topic or even officiating, in general. We ride the storm out. Why the recent changes?
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