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Originally posted by tmp44
Let me add a question. Has anyone ever heard of the following mechanic...If a foul occurs in the front court and the ball will be "going the other way," has anyone ever heard of the calling official reporting the foul to the table and then returning to his position prior to the foul being called, similar to that of a violation? For example, if the lead calls an offensive foul in the paint and the ball will be going out on the baseline, does the lead go report the foul, and then return to the baseline to administer and become the new trail? This would be the same as the lead calling a traveling violation, and then administering the throw in as the new trail. Any truth to this?

You may want to look up the references to the "Long Switch",
where the reporting official does go to the table rather than forcing a switch with partners who have already moved 1/2-way down the court.

In your sitch (underlined) you have an example of "no Long Switch."

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