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Originally posted by BoBo
Somebody said above that you should not bean bag fumbles that are behind the line of scrimmage.

I am thinking that this is not true.

A's ball at B's 40. 1st and 10

A10 is running behind the line of scrimmage and fumbles the ball on B's 45. A recovers the ball on B's 38.

Prior to the fumble A55 holds on B's 44.

To me the hold is taking place during the run and the run ends where A10 fumbles the ball. B's 45.

So the penalty will be marked 10 yards back from the end of the run or the spot of a bean bag where the fumble occurs.

A's ball 1 and 25 from A's 45.

Whatcha all think, is this correct?
No, it's not correct.

A loose ball play is a backward pass (including the snap), illegal kick or a fumble made by team A from in or behind the neutral zone before any change of team possession or any run(s) which precedes the legal kick, legal forward pass, backward pass, or fumble. The basic spot is the previous spot for fouls which occor during loose ball play (there are a couple of exceptions). Therefore, the penalty occurred behind the basic spot (the previous spot) and the spot of enforcement would be the spot of the penalty, B's 44. A's ball 1st and 24 from A's 46.
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