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Oh, and I forgot to add #9: Visiting coach asked for a time-out -- in fact, screamed several times -- when home team had possession. When he asked, I was trail, and he was behind me. I paused, realized the problem, and didn't blow. This has never happened to me before, but somehow my instinct did the job, and I did it right! I gave him the stop sign without turning around, and he finally realized the problem and stopped yelling.

I have no clue how the ball got "broke". A player noticed that the ribbing was a little bit loose, which I am sure it wasn't at the beginning of the game.

The AD was definitely ready to toss the fan, but also wanted us to know that he was aware of the problem, and that if we got tired of it earlier than he did, we should feel free to say sometning. I was definitely ready since I had had problems with this fan about a week before, and when I saw him walk in I was bracing myself. Fortunately, the home coach talked to him early on, and in the end he never stepped over the line. (The home coach was mad because he had a ten-year-no-T record that got broken the week before because this fan had him so worked up!)

This was my last game of the season, and I finished very high indeed. Thanks again, guys and gals!

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