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Monday, I had one of those games where all the weird little minutiae came up and had to be dealt with.

1. Found a broken piece of glass on the floor! Had to decide whether to suspend the game and sweep, or go on.

2. Took seven (!) tries to get a ball inbounds. Defense kept tapping it back out again.

3. Had to call the T for slapping the ball in the hands of the thrower-in. (Sorry, mick, I can't remember the preferred term for this person).

4. With reference to above T, coach had several questions, such as "We haven't had a warning!" and "Are you sure it gets two shots AND the ball?"

5. Was requested by home AD to carefully monitor a home fan and request to toss him if necessary.

6. Player fouled out, so I allowed all subs in before first shot of the free throw. Had to explain to coach. (Although why it mattered is beyond me!)

7. Ball was damaged during play, and had to be replaced.

8. And we had a correctible error!!! Table had incorrectly informed us that there were only six team fouls. We caught it in time, and, although the above referenced fan didn't understand it, we got it right and shot the FTs.

As I was leaving the gym, I thoguht to myself, "Thank God for the "Official Forum." I handled every single thing in that game correctly!"
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