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Re: Not our job

Originally posted by JRutledge
Originally posted by CoachB
At the lower levels I believe kids get bad habits because things are not called and explained. They think it is OK because they get away with it 95 percent of the time.
It is not our responisbility to explain calls at any level. If a kid asks I will explain the lower the level, I have no problem telling them what they can and cannot do and what they did at that point. But it is not our responsibility to explain any rule, it is our responsibility to call violations and fouls when they happen. And you also must understand that many of the lower levels do not always have "competent" officials. So expecting a good explaination, might be asking too much. [/B]
Technically true jrut, no rule says you have to explain. But we are in the elementary teaching business here at the lower levels. Frequently, referees are explaining calls at the these levels, to the benefit of the young players. And it usually doesn't matter the level of the official, because we are not talking about elaborate interpretations of subsections of rules - we're talking double dribble, travelling, and 3 seconds (which is usually 10 seconds) in rec leagues. Above the lowest levels, make the call and get on with it. Let the coaches teach their players.
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